As a wine-growing canton and a gourmet land, Vaud is a region of excellence for all epicurean visitors.

    The "Vaud Œnotourisme" certification distinguishes Vaud's professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry, in the wine trade and in the field of good taste in general, who attach particular importance to providing a quality tourist and gourmet offer.

    Initiated by the canton of Vaud, the "Vaud Œnotourisme" certification creates a network of places where you can be sure to discover, share and, above all, taste the Vaud region!

  • La Côte

    The vineyards of La Côte, located between Commugny and Lausanne, benefit from the protection of the Jura mountain range and the thermal regulating effect of Lake Geneva.

    The structure of its wines varies according to the nature of the soils: the gravelly soils of the lower part, near the water, give wines of great finesse, while the heavier soils of the upper part produce more robust wines.

    They are distinguished by floral aromas and fruity flavours.

  • Dézaley Grand Cru

    The Dézaley vineyard is located entirely in the commune of Puidoux and is characterised by its steep slope and the walls that criss-cross its hillside.

    Chasselas is the king grape variety and covers 90% of the surface. The terraces with their exceptional exposure give the wine a remarkable fullness and persistence of flavour.

    This wine is complex and structured, with flavours of almond and toast, completed by aromas of tea and honey.

  • Calamin Grand Cru

    The Calamin vineyard is nestled between the commune of Epesses and the waters of Lake Geneva.

    The Chasselas grape has a very pronounced terroir, with multiple aromatic facets reminiscent of caramel and characterised by chalky nuances.

    Racy and powerful, the wines of Calamin assert their personality on the palate with a sappy flavour and a fine bitterness giving them a certain virility.

  • Lavaux

    Located between Lausanne and Chillon, the Lavaux vineyards are laid out in terraces overlooking Lake Geneva.

    The sun spreads its light in abundance thanks to the ideal exposure of the vines and the reflection of its rays on the lake, while its heat is stored in the walls.

    Structured and complex, the wines of Lavaux are marked by their persistence and often express notes of honey and roasted flavours.

  • Chablais

    Between lake and mountain, the Chablais vineyards stretch from Villeneuve to the Valais border.

    Its stony soil and the beneficial effect of the foehn wind, which dries out the grapes, produce wines with a strong character, distinguished by a strong minerality.

    Racy, fragrant and powerful, the wines of the Chablais are recognised, among other qualities, by their flinty flavour and fruity nose.

  • Bonvillars

    Bonvillars is located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in the canton of Vaud, where the rainfall is the lowest in the canton. The vineyard enjoys a very favourable microclimate.

    Bonvillars stretches from Montagny-près-Yverdon to Concise, passing through a succession of small villages.

    The tasty expression of its wines draws from the limestone and gravelly soils the mineral characteristics of its terroir.

  • Côtes de l’Orbe

    Halfway between Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel, the Côtes-de-l'Orbe vineyards extend over some twenty communes, from La Sarraz to the gates of Yverdon-les-Bains. Molasse, limestone and clay enrich the diversity of its terroirs.

    The vines are mostly south-facing and the dry climate of the Côtes-de-l'Orbe is ideal for growing red grape varieties, which account for 75% of the vineyard.


The cellar is open every day of the week by appointment on 079 373 20 50 or 079 245 22 92 and on Saturday morning.

Come and see us at the "Comptoir du Nord Vaudois" from 25 March to 3 April at stand 507!

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  • from 21 to 23 May 2021

    Dégustation des crus du Domaine sur la Terrasse (abritée en cas de mauvais temps)

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  • from 03 to 05 June 2021

    Dégustation des crus du Domaine sur la Terrasse (abritée en cas de mauvais temps)

    Je 3 juin de 16h à 20h - Ve 4 juin de 10h à 20h30 - Sa 5 juin de 10h à 18h

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Every day of the week by appointment
Saturday mornings 9.30 - 12.00 (March to December)

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