Le Chasselas de Serreaux-Dessus

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Le Chasselas de Serreaux-Dessus

and Vacherin Mont d'Or

CHF 11.00

The wine: Eloquent and refined, the nose conveys floral accents with slightly lemony overtones of citrus fruit. Offering a fresh, rather spirited introduction, it is well balanced on the palate with a degree of aromatic complexity.

A lovely lasting finish, full of finesse. A lively wine; an elegant embodiment of its pedigree.

For drinking within two to three years
For serving between 8 and 10 °C

Facts and figures for the vintage:

Sugar content 82° Oechsle when picked
Alcohol content 12,2 % by volume
Malolactic fermentation concluded
Residual sugars less than 2 g/l
Total acidity in terms of tartaric acid 3,8 g/l

  • Wine of the domain
  • Gands crus
  • Blanc
  • BVS screw cap


The cellar is open every day of the week by appointment on 079 373 20 50 or 079 245 22 92 and on Saturday morning.

Come and see us at the "Comptoir du Nord Vaudois" from 25 March to 3 April at stand 507!


Upcoming events

  • from 20 to 22 June 2024
    Théâtre dans les jardins du Domaine
  • from 27 to 29 June 2024
    Théâtre dans les jardins du Domaine

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Matringe SA / Domaine Serreaux-Dessus
Ch. de Serreaux-Dessus 8
CH-1268 Begnins / VD

Formulaire de contact


Contact person

Vincent Chappuis
t.  +41 22 565 27 30
m.+41 79 245 22 92+41 79 373 20 50

Opening days

Every day of the week by appointment
Saturday mornings 9.30 - 12.00 (March to December)

Serreaux-Dessus, is…

  • A wine estate
  • A theatre company
  • A music festival